(VIDEO) How to Prevent and Address Bullying – Part 1

how to prevent and address bullying

Is your child being bullied?

In this video you’ll learn about the different types of bullying, warning signs to watch for in children, and how to prevent and address bullying. (play video below)

Most kids never speak up

One in three children experience some form of bullying and very few of them let an adult know that they are being bullied.

Signs that your child is being bullied

  • Avoiding activities or people that they used to enjoy
  • Complains of stomach aches, headaches, not wanting to go to school
  • More isolated, anxious, depression

They need to know who they can trust

70% of kids witness bullying. It is critical to let kids know who they can confide in when they need to report bullying. There should be someone at home and at school that they know they can talk to.

What can parents do?

Parents should talk openly about bullying to take the secrecy out of it. When kids hear that it is ok to talk about bullying out loud, they feel more comfortable coming to you when they have something to report.

Parents should also empower their children with what to say and do when they are being bullied.

  • Say “stop I don’t like that”
  • Walk away
  • Go and tell an adult


If you found this information helpful and want to read more, this blog post has additional tips Bullying and Special Needs: Teaching Kids to Advocate for Themselves.

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