(VIDEO) How To Balance Screen Time For Kids

How To Balance Screen Time For Kids

Devices like tablets, cell phones, and computers are here to stay so how do we strike the right balance with screen time for kids?

The best way to balance screen time for kids is to monitor the time they spend on devices and the content in which they are engaging. Children 0-2 should only use screen time with an adult present and for a short period of time. Children ages 2-5 should limit screen time to one hour per day and ages 6 and older should limit screen time to two hours per day.

The use of screen time isn’t all bad, there are plenty of educational apps and games that children can play to use the time wisely. There are a few examples of games and apps in the video below.

Parents are encouraged to keep an eye out for any changed behavior when it comes to screen time. Does your child seem irritable after playing on a tablet for too long or seem like their attention span is becoming shorter? Does your child prefer the tablet over playing outdoors or with toys? It’s tough to strike the right balance but know it is possible.

Learn more screen time tips in this video …


For more on the subject of screen time, you may enjoy this blog article “Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

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