DR. NICOLE’S Favorites

I’ve seen and tried so many things over the years, and am saving you time and money by putting my favorites all in one place.

You can learn about my favorite protein-rich snacks, the books I use and recommend, the best places to shop for healthy convenience foods online, my tried-and-true toys and games for kids of all ages, and more. I add to this list as I have new favorite items, so check back regularly! 

My Favorite Foods

These are some of my favorite food options for busy families! These companies and products allow me to feed my family nutrient-dense foods without sacrificing convenience. I’ve also included some sweets options for all the holidays where we want to indulge without toxic chemicals and super high amount of sugar. All items on this list are tested by me and my kids, as well as families at my clinic – so you know they’re good!

Thrive Market

My favorite online store for healthy family-friendly foods at wholesale prices. Save25% off your first order and get a free gift!


These beef and turkey sticks are the cleanest gut-friendly protein snack available

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears and Candies

Great lower sugar option without toxic ingredients

UnReal Chocolates and Candies

a non-toxic and lower sugar version of M&Ms

No Cow Protein Bars

These dairy-free plant-based protein bars have a high amount of protein per ounce - in lots of kid-friendly flavors

Quinn Grain Free Pretzels

Quite simply the best variety of grain-free pretzels out there

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Nutritional Supplements

Here are some of my preferred nutritional supplements for supporting health and wellness for kids and adults. As always, check with your child’s healthcare practitioner for information and dosing related to any specific needs you or your child may have.

Dr. Nicole’s Supplement Store

See the supplements I use and recommend at my clinic

Master Supplements
Probiotics & Enzymes

Probiotics and enzymes I use regularly at my clinic
enter code USE777 and use coupon code NICOLE10 to get 10% off your purchase

PYM Mood Chews
Stress &Anxiety Support

All natural, no sugar-added gummies with Gaba, l-theanine, and rhodiola to support mood and anxiety (for parents and kids)

GABA Calm Lozenges
Stress &Anxiety Support

a lozenge formula to support anxiety reduction, relaxation, and even sleep for kids and adults

Health - GABA Calm


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Healthy Home

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items to support a variety of needs with kids from sleep to waking up to screen time safety and more. 

Gabb Wireless Safe Cell Phone for Kids

The best starter phone available - looks like a smart phone without internet capabilities or potentially harmful apps

Lycra Compression Bedsheet

great option for providing gentle deep pressure during rest time or sleep

Slow wake alarm clock

mimics the rising of the sun to help make waking up an easier process

Parental Controls

The parental controls for kids' digital devices that I personally use and recommend at my clinic

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Awesome Activities

Use these items to support movement and sensory needs, stress reduction, and general regulation for kids of all ages. Many of these items can be used in school and home environments.

Theraband for Chair Fidgeting

let kids quietly fidget and move to focus better

Ball Chair Stool

allows for movement and regulation during seated activities

Indoor Lycra Hammock Swing

Great for relaxation, decompression, and a variety of sensory inputs

Doorway Gym Set

bring the playground indoors for brain benefitting movement all year round

Lycra Body Sock

provides calming and regulating input while allowing for movement and personal space

Lycra Tunnel

lots of fun options for regulating input and movement

Gertie Ball

this ball allows all kids to have success with catch and other ball games, and it's soft and quiet

mindful chimes

practice mindful listening and other mindfulness skills

Recommended Books

People ask me all the time for my favorite books on topics related to child development, parenting, mental health, nutrition, and more. Here’s a list to get you started on these topics and more. I only recommend books I’ve actually read, used myself, and recommended at my clinic. Happy reading!

Learn From These Courses

If you’re looking for options to improve your knowledge and skills in areas like cooking, nutrition, mindfulness, and more – these options are for you. These are courses and workshops created my me, or by colleagues I trust. I’ve personally gone through each of these courses to ensure they are high quality and will provide benefit.

Kids Cook Real Food Online Cooking Classes

Kids Cook Real Food is an online video eCourse created by Katie Kimball that connects families to healthy food by helping kids master basic cooking skills.

Nourishing Hope Nutrition Course for Parents of Kids with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety

This is a comprehensive step-by-step program for parents created by Julie Matthews. Discover how to use personalized nutrition to improve your child’s health, learning, and behavior.

ZIVa kids
Meditation classes for preschoolers-pre-Teens

Designed for ages 4-14, zivaKIDS will wire your child’s brain for resilience, emotional intelligence and kindness. This is meditation to help your kids thrive!

Better Brain & Behavior Diet Workshop

Learn what foods to increase, what foods to decrease, and how to help kids eat in ways that support their brain and behavior (without added stress and struggle).

Digging Deeper: Identifying Root Issues That May Be Contributing to Learning, Emotional, and Behavior Challenges

Go beyond symptoms and diagnoses, and explore the underlying issues that may be contributing to your child’s attention, anxiety, mood, learning, and behavior challenges.

Better Behavior in a Digital World

Learn how to help your kids develop healthy device habits, while reducing your stress level around managing screen time and associated behaviors.

Supporting Children with Autism and Related Challenges: A Class for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Learn how best to support your foster or adoptive children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and any other neurodevelopmental or behavioral disorder.

Ziva Kids

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Better Behavior in a Digital World

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Dr. Nicole’s

Check out these resources I’ve created around topics parents and professionals ask about most often. They’re my gift to you!

  • Top 10 Nutrients to Support Your Child’s Brain & Behavior Guide

    Get my top recommendations for foods and supplements to support attention, anxiety, mood, learning, & behavior.

  • Quick and Easy Movement & Mindfulness Activities

    Get a list of my favorite movement and mindfulness strategies and activities to support focus, stress reduction, mood, and regulation for kids of all ages and abilities.

  • Questions to Navigate School Decisions for Kids

    Making decisions about the best education setting for your child can be tricky, and it often changes as kids grow. This guide provides parents with key questions and a checklist to help determine what is best for your child educationally right now.

  • Better Biomes for Better Behavior Guide

    Learn more about the gut microbiome and how it's connected to not only physical health, but also brain development, mental health, and behavior – and what to do to support a healthier microbiome for your child.

  • Dr. Nicole’s Kids’ Gift Guide

    If it’s a gift-giving occasion and you’ve got kids to shop for, this guide has you covered! I’ve created a guide to over 100 of the best gifts for kids of all ages, ability level, interests, and needs – and I’m sharing it with you for free. You’ll find toys, games, books, room décor, wellness items, movement and sensory activities, and much more.


Dr. Nicole may earn a commission if you buy something through the links on this page. She only recommends products and services she knows her community will benefit from. Dr. Nicole Beurkens and Skywater Wellness, LLC make no warranties regarding these products, and disclaim all liability with respect to any purchase of these products by you, including, without limitation, for any defects in such products or the delivery of such products in a damaged condition. Consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new health-related programs, diets, or supplements.