5 Key Issues that Cause ADHD-like Symptoms in Kids

5 key issues that cause ADHD-like symptoms

It may not be ADHD

12% of teens and kids are diagnosed with ADHD in the United States, almost double what the numbers were 9 years ago. Dr. Nicole Beurkens discusses 5 key issues that cause ADHD-like symptoms.

Different types of ADHD

ADHD can present itself in a few different ways. Here are a few examples.

  • One type may exhibit: inattentive behavior, struggle with focus and attention in school and at home, disorganized, trouble managing time.
  • There is a more impulsive hyperactive type as well where individuals are more impulsive with decision making and behavior. They may seem “all over the place physically and mentally.”
  • And sometimes an individual suffers from a combination of the two types described here.

This is important…

Inattentiveness and hyperactivity CAN BE NORMAL depending on age and setting. When diagnosing a child, we look for behavior that would seem inappropriate for the individual’s developmental level.

Here are 5 key issues to be aware of that can cause ADHD-like symptoms. Often once these are addressed, the ADHD diagnosis is dismissed.

5 Key Issues To Be Aware Of

1. Nutrition – heavily processed diet (sugar, artificial sweeteners, and dyes)

2. Sleep – 40% of kids diagnosed with ADHD are actually having sleep issues

3. Screen time – too much screen time can cause hyperactivity

4. Processing issues – this could be linked to issues with learning or sensory problems like eyesight

5. Relationships – kids could be struggling with relationships within their family or friend circle


If you found this information helpful and want to read more, this blog post is a great example of how easily ADHD can be misdiagnosed  Is It ADHD Or Is It A Sleep Issue?

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