Quick & Easy Tools to Support Focus & Attention

Tools to support focus and attention

Does your child struggle to stay focused and productive during school-related tasks? You will be relieved to learn about these simple tools to support focus and attention. Your kids will learn so much more, knowing it’s not only ok but encouraged for them to move while learning. ⁣

Whether it’s at home or school

Many kids don’t focus well when they’re sitting still in a chair. Telling kids to “sit still and listen” or “stop moving and pay attention” is really unhelpful, as movement supports focus, attention, learning, and development!’⁣

But I get it-kids meeting their movement needs can look like they aren’t focused, and sometimes can be a distraction.⁣

So how do we help kids get the structured movement and input their brain needs to improve their focus, attention, and productivity?⁣

In this video I show you some of my favorite simple and inexpensive tools:⁣

🥤 Crazy straws-sucking through a long straw provides regulating and organizing input⁣
🖐 Putty-kneading the pliable dough provides helpful input and keeps hands busy⁣
📎 Fidget items-a stress ball, paperclip, rubber band, etc. provides repetitive movement that helps with alertness⁣
🪑 Theraband – tie this around the front legs of a chair for a quiet movement option for their legs while seated⁣
🔮 Ball chair – allows kids to bounce and move while seated (get a stand if rolling around is an issue)⁣
⬛️ Weighted lap pad – provides deep pressure input that supports focus and calming⁣
🟣 Seat cushion – options that allow for quiet movement while seated (including my favorite dollar store option)⁣
🚶 Pace space – taping a box shape on the floor gives kids visual boundaries for where they can walk/move during lessons or work time⁣

Key Take-Aways⁣

✅ Allow kids to try out different seating options, positions, and tools to see what works best for them. What works for one might not work for another, so stay flexible and be creative!⁣
✅ Instead of trying to stop kids from moving, look at how you can give them movement opportunities that work for them without causing problems for others.⁣
✅ When we help kids meet their movement needs, we support their brain and body to be able to focus, attend, and complete tasks more efficiently and effectively.⁣

I hope you find these tools to support focus and attention to be very effective. What tools do you find helpful for your kids or students? What questions do you have? Share with me in the comments so I can support you!⁣

Here’s a blog post that I think you will find full of great tips on how to help kids take a brain break “25 Awesome Brain Breaks for Kids (and Adults!) While Stuck at Home.” If you’d like to see more videos on this topic, head to my Youtube channel or Instagram.

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