ADD, ADHD & Behavior Challenges

ADHD and behavior challenges

Interview with Katie Wells on The Wellness Mama Podcast.


In this episode, I speak with Katie Wells about the rampant diagnoses of ADD and ADHD among other behavior challenges. Parents and caregivers need to know that medication is not the only answer and that much of the time the diagnosis itself is inaccurate. For instance, a large percentage of children are actually suffering from sleep issues not ADD/ADHD. And for those who truly suffer from symptoms of ADD and ADHD I have lots of tools to share rooted in natural therapies. The big take away … DON’T GIVE UP … there are so many things you can do to help your children.

In this podcast, we’ll cover:

  • The combination of factors increasing ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety, and learning and behavior problems in children
  • Why developmental issues are higher in some areas than others
  • Why medication is just a band-aid (and what to do instead)
  • The five main areas parents can address to help with behavior problems
  • The scary truth about psychiatric medication in children
  • How to use nutrition to help with behavior problems
  • The interesting research that shows 25-40% of kids diagnosed with ADHD actually have a sleep issue
  • Movement — what kids need and why (hint: brain development depends on it)
  • What the parent-child relationship and peer relationships have to do with ADHD and related disorders
  • Ways to improve thinking, resilience, and problem-solving skills in children
  • The big foods to avoid for any child with a behavioral challenge
  • The surprising way that water intake is tied to behavior issues
  • How zinc can help kids learn to love new foods
  • The benefits of outdoor time for kids and why this needs to be a priority


For more on the topic of ADD and ADHD, I’ve written extensively about the topic in these articles …

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Another good resource for learning more about how to manage ADD, ADHD, and behavioral issues in children is my podcast The Better Behavior Show.

Are you a parent who is struggling with your child’s ADD, ADHD or behavior challenges? Have you found additional life hacks that you’d like to share with other parents? We’d love for you to share in the comments down below.


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