4 Natural Lifestyle Hacks To Fix Behavioral Issues And Mental Illness In Children

Behavior Issues in Children

Interview with Ari Whitten on The Energy Blueprint Podcast.


Behavioral issues and mental illness in children is increasing at an alarming speed. More and more children end up on mood and behavior controlling medications (which often come with a slew of side effects). However, these medications often serve as bandaids and don’t fix the root causes. This raises the question, what are the core reasons for many of the behavioral issues and mental illness in our children today? And, how can parents help their children overcome these issues?

Managing our own health , energy and self-care becomes significantly harder when we have children to care for. It gets even harder with kids with special needs, or who have psychological health challenges, or mood and behavior issues (things like ADHD, autism, bipolar, depression, anxiety).

So how can you help your kids function optimally, while also taking care of your own health and energy levels in the process? And if you don’t have kids, how can you better understand your own psychological health (and the factors that underlie so much of the depression, anxiety and other psychological health issues that are becoming so common today).

In this podcast, we’ll cover:

  • What I have found to be the main causes of mental illness and behavioral issues in children
  • Why we have seen a drastic increase in mental illness in children over the past 20 years
  • The problem with most typical psychologists and psychiatrists
  • The questionable science behind so much of the paradigm of psychiatry
  • What does science really say about treating psychological health?
  • The connection between nutrition and mental health
  • What makes parents choose to medicate their children (even when they don’t want to)?


For more on the topic of medications, I’ve written extensively about the risks and benefits of ADHD medications and antidepressants for children. Another good resource for learning more about how to manage behavioral issues and mental illness in children is my podcast The Better Behavior Show.

Are you a parent who is struggling with these issues? Have you found additional life hacks that you’d like to share with other parents? We’d love for you to share down below.


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