(VIDEO) Signs That Your Child May Have Sleep Issues That Need Addressing

Sleep issues

Does Your Child Suffer From Sleep Issues Like Snoring, Waking Up Often, Or Thrashing?

In this video, I share strategies for creating a comfortable sleep environment and how to know if your child has sleep issues that require medical attention. For example, if you notice your child snores regularly (not just during allergy or cold season), you may want to discuss that with your doctor. Does your child wake up multiple times at night for no apparent reason? If so, it may be something to discuss with your child’s care provider. The good news is, with the right help, these sleep issues can be easy to correct. A well-rested child makes for a happy and energetic kid!

When it comes to creating a comfortable sleep environment for your kids, start with a dark, cool setting and go with their preference when it comes to blankets and pillows.

You may be surprised to learn that a high percentage of ADHD diagnoses are actually undiagnosed sleep problems that manifest as attention issues. This misdiagnosis is something I see too often; children put on ADHD medication without addressing sleep issues first. If you are interested to learn more about this topic, I go into more detail here in this blog post Is It ADHD Or Is It A Sleep Issue.


If you found this information helpful, here’s a recent podcast episode where I interviewed Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep specialist, about “How Sleep Affects Behavior In Kids And Teens.”

This blog article might also be helpful in your search for better sleep for your little ones “Screentime in the Evening Makes Sleep More Difficult For All Children Especially Boys With Autism.”

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