(VIDEO) How To Get Kids to Drink More Water Instead of Sugary Drinks

How To Get Kids to Drink More Water Instead of Sugary Drinks

Those colored sports drinks are no joke!

If you’re a parent you have probably struggled with how to get your kid(s) to drink more water. Check out the video below for some creative options involving real fruit, sparkling water, juice, and more!

The risks involved with overconsumption of sugary drinks are many: poor oral health, weight gain, sugar spike followed by a sugar crash, impaired brain function, exacerbated behavioral problems, the list goes on. I hope you’ll pick up some good tips from this short video on how to get kids to drink more water instead of sugary drinks.

If you found this information helpful, here’s a recent article on the connection between artificial food coloring and behavior issues.

Here is an interesting study about the effect of food dyes on children.

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