The Impact of Digital Devices on Children’s Sleep, Mood, and Behavior

Screen time affects sleep and behavior

Interview with Andrea Nakayama on The 15-Minute Matrix.


The number of devices and the kinds of digital media we’re exposed to nowadays have exploded making it a tough landscape for parents to navigate. There are growing concerns among parents and health professionals about the impact these devices and the amount of screen time have on children, their sleep, and their behavior. Adults are not immune to this either. Listen in for some recommendations that can be applied to both parents and children.

In this podcast we’ll cover:

  • Amount of screen time is correlated with higher risk for mental health issues
  • Increase in ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders with kids and teens
  • GI issues can manifest due to the stress caused by excessive screen time
  • Blue light suppresses melatonin production; people not getting enough deep sleep
  • Relationships and social interactions suffer because of too much screen time


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Another good resource for learning more about screentime and behavioral issues in children is my podcast The Better Behavior Show.

Do you have any particular rules or tools for electronic use around your home? Comment below.


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