How Screen Time Disrupts Sleep In Kids & Teens

Screen Time Disrupts Sleep In Kids & Teens

Screen time significantly impacts sleep depending on how and when devices are used.

There are easy guidelines that parents can implement that will help everyone at home get a restful nights sleep. Here’s why screen time disrupts sleep in kids & teens.

Three reasons tech interrupts sleep

1. When we use devices later in the evening it tricks your brain into thinking its daytime, it stops producing melatonin making it harder for us to sleep. Kids are more susceptible to this

2. Overstimulation – playing action-packed games, mentally or emotionally stimulating makes it harder to wind down to fall asleep.

3. Preteens and teens having devices in their room at night can be very disruptive

What to do?

  • Set some house rules
  • Shut down devices 45-60 min before bed
  • Use apps that minimize blue light
  • No electronic devices in the room at night

If you found this information helpful on how to manage kids’ electronic devices, this blog post gives some helpful and specific tips Screen Time – How Much is Too Much.

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What kind of questions do you have about managing screen time for your kids and teens?


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