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“ For 25 years I’ve been teaching parents to trust themselves, focus on one step at
a time, and never give up hope that they and their child can change for the better.
A child’s symptoms, diagnoses, and challenges are not their destiny. With the
right foundations in place every child and family can thrive.”

- Dr. Nicole Beurkens


The Better
Behavior Show


Reducing Sugar in Your Family’s Diet: Tips, Swaps & Products

As we emerge from sugar season, I thought this would be a great time to revisit a very popular episode I did with Dr. Natasha Beck, lovingly known as Dr. Organic Mommy. With obesity skyrocketing in kids and adults, what are some simple swaps and better food choices we can make to improve our physical and mental health? There are loads of meal suggestions and cleaner packaged food options for kids that Dr. Beck shares in this one!


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Top 10 Nutrients for Your Child's Brain and Behavior

This guide covers the most important foods and supplements you can use to support attention, anxiety, mood, learning, and behavior for your children (and you). You’ll learn why these nutrients are important, foods that contain them, symptoms that research shows may be connected, and get access to my favorite supplement options. Nutrient status makes a big difference for kids, so get the guide and put it to use now!

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Life Will Get Better

Simple Solutions for Parents of Children with Attention,
Anxiety, Mood and Behavior Challenges


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Dr. Nicole’s Workshops

My workshops dive deep into the specific issues parents and professionals face with kids who have neurodevelopmental and/or mental health conditions. Each one focuses on new ways of understanding what’s contributing to the symptoms and issues, and provides specific tools and strategies you can begin implementing immediately.

Topics include nutrition for better brain function and behavior, managing screen time, digging deeper to identify what’s causing or contributing to your child’s symptoms, supporting kids with autism and related disorders, integrative health strategies for educators and therapist, and more.


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I’ve seen and tried so many things over the years, and am saving you time and money by putting my favorites all in one place. You can learn about my favorite protein-rich snacks, the books I use and recommend, the best places to shop for healthy convenience foods online, my tried-and-true toys and games for kids of all ages, and more. I add to this list as I have new favorite items, so check back regularly!


Horizons Developmental Resource Center

My clinic, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializes in evaluation, treatment, and consultation for children and young adults. We work with patients and families throughout the US and abroad. Depending on the services required, telehealth may be available. Virtual consultation is available for any parent regardless of location. My team of clinicians specializes in a variety of diagnoses, symptoms, and needs. Let us know what support you’re looking for, and we will be happy to help you directly or get you pointed in the right direction.