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Don’t Try Medicating Your Child for Learning and Behavior Problems Without Reading This First!

In This FREE Guide You'll Discover:

  • The underlying issues that should be explored before using medications for learning and behavior symptoms
  • What treatments may be appropriate for your child instead of medications or in combination with medications
  • What questions you should ask your child’s prescriber before starting or changing medication treatment
  • How to make sure you and your child’s prescriber are on the same page about treatment

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“This Guide Is Amazing & I Wish We Had Access Years Ago!”

This guide is amazing and I wish we had access to it as we worked through treatment options for our son years ago! I’m sure our experience isn’t unique – frequent adjustments of medication types and doses that didn’t lead to any significant benefits, and increased the problems and stress. This guide provides parents with an understanding of the issues involved when using medications, as well as alternatives. It helps you ask your care providers the right questions, and enables you to better understand the information provided. I’m thrilled that Dr. Beurkens is making this information available to help parents better advocate for their children!

Darcy Walsh